Black Friday Offers
14 Nov 2023

Unlock the Road to Savings this Black Friday

Black Friday, the day with the most significant discounts of the year, emerges as a unique opportunity for those seeking not only products but also high-quality services. In the realm of car rentals, Black Friday holds a distinctive position, offering exclusive opportunities for those who wish to explore the world with style, comfort, and economy.


SIXT Rent a Car:

At SIXT, we understand the importance of comfort and style during travels. Therefore, when booking a vehicle on Black Friday, 24.11.23, you'll enjoy a 25% discount on the total rental cost, ensuring a journey with both quality and savings. The offer is valid for car rentals from 01.01.24 to 24.11.24, providing payment options either in advance or upon arrival. Click here to proceed with your next vehicle reservation.


SIXT Plus - Flexible Leasing:

For those desiring cost-effective vehicle leasing, SIXT Plus, the flexible leasing service, combines the ultimate Black Friday offer with adaptable leasing. During Black Friday, enjoy zero registration costs and zero upfront payments. Choose from a wide range of vehicles, from Fiat 500 to Vans, electric and non-electric. Lease your professional Van, your electric vehicle for 1 year, Fiat 500, or any other desired vehicle for 6 months, securing the best market price. Click here to customize your exclusive offer based on leasing duration and mileage. At SIXT, we are committed to offering transparency and flexibility without hidden charges.


Select from the outstanding offers at SIXT during Black Friday. Don't miss the opportunity to discover the world in a way that suits your individual needs and preferences.