Easter in Greece
12 Apr 2023

Easter customs & SIXT

Every place has its own customs and traditions. It is common during Easter for many parishes to celebrate in their own unique way. The most widespread customs are those of Paros, Corfu, Chania and Rhodes.


A timeless custom that takes place is that of Paros. Young men and women from the villages of the island participate in the representation of Jesus' life on the route of the litany of the Epitaph, representing in a unique way scenes from Christ's entry into Jerusalem, the Last Supper, the prayer on the Mount of Olives, the Crucifixion and Resurrection. At midnight, on Ηoly Saturday, "Christ is resurrected" is accompanied by bells and fireworks that turn the night into day, celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.


When hearing Corfu, most of us think of the well-known custom of huge jugs. After the first Resurrection, the inhabitants of Corfu throw huge jugs full of water, "botides" from their balconies. Also, balconies are decorated and residents tie red ribbons to their botides, since red is inextricably linked to Corfu. This particular custom goes around the world, since every year it is presented in many domestic and international news. SIXT recommends a visit to this particular island and... don't worry about your vehicle.


Another region that is worth spending Easter at, is Chania. Easter at Chania is unique, since on Holy Saturday the entire island is present at the "burning" of Judas, or otherwise at "Founara". During Lent, young and old gather wood in the forecourts of the churches, creating a large pile of wood. At the top of the "pile" is placed the scarecrow of Judas in order to light the fire and burn him to purify the superstitions he represents. In "Christ is resurrected" you will confirm even in your subconscious that you are in Crete when you will hear the pile of "balothia", the fireworks and the bells ringing joyfully in the news of the Resurrection of Christ.


In beautiful Rhodes they celebrate Easter with "Kalafounous". During Easter night, as soon as the bells ring, "kalafounoi" get burnt and  residents spend the night as a family with red eggs and plenty of beer, while taking great pleasure in getting to know the travelers who come to honor their island.


In whatever area you choose to celebrate Easter, you can rent a car from SIXT, as we have branches in all the aforementioned areas and many more. For more information, our experienced staff will be at your disposal!