BMW 216D
BMW 216D
BMW 216D
BMW 216D
BMW 216D
BMW 216D
BMW 216D
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BMW 216D

Upon order
Upon order
Vehicle type
Cruise control
Alloy rims
Automatic air-conditioning
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What is included in the offer
The lease offer for the vehicle BMW 216D includes:
Insurance coverage
24/7 roadside assistance, immediate vehicle replacement in case of theft or damage
Maintenance, Tires & Road Tax
Full maintenance and repair at authorized partners picked by SIXT, road taxes, tire change every 40,000 km.
Driver Service
Insurance coverage with exemptions, driver and passenger personal insurance, third party insurance, fire insurance, partial and total theft insurance, windscreen protection
What is the process for leasing a car?

The process for leasing a car is quite simple:


- You choose one of the currently ready-to-deliver cars or you inform us of the car that you wish to lease so that we order it on your behalf

- You fill in the contact form so that a member of our team contacts you within 48 hours

- You pick up your car, based on availability, at a SIXT station

Can I choose any car I want?

SIXT offers a wide range of ready-to-deliver cars to choose from. Moreover, it can offer you any car that is currently available in the Greek market. In case you wish to, you can configure the car by yourself based on your preferences and needs.

Who is the owner of the car?

SIXT is the lessor and remains the owner of the car. You, as a permanent owner, have the right to use the car for a predetermined period of time.

Will I get a new or a used car?

SIXT Leasing offers only new cars, based on availability.

What are the available payment methods?

The monthly fee should be paid in advance, at the beginning of each month, via a credit card or bank transfer.

What benefits are included in the monthly fee?

The monthly fee includes:


- Personal accident insurance of driver and passengers

- Third party insurance

- Fire insurance, partial or total theft

- Insurance coverage

- Windscreen protection

- 24/7 roadside assistance

- Road taxes

- Tire replacement every 40.000 km

- Vehicle replacement, in case of damage or accident

What additional charges might arise, on top of the monthly fee?

SIXT Leasing includes a security deposit (the amount equals four (4) monthly lease fees), which is paid upon signing the contract and is returned upon termination of the lease. In addition, it may include a down payment, which is paid as part of the first monthly lease fee and is adjusted according to the car of your choice and your leasing preferences.


Gas and any other charges that might arise from the car usage (eg. penalties or fines for traffic violations) are not included in the monthly fee.

What is the applied VAT?

VAT equals 24% on top of the monthly fee (excluding Kos island, where the VAT is at 17%).


By choosing the car that you're interested in at the above section, you can easily calculate the monthly fee, with or without VAT.

Is there a minimum lease duration?

The minimum lease duration is two (2)  years.

Can I buy the car in the end of the lease period?

Of course, you can buy the car after the lease period expires.

What options do I have until I get my new car?

Until you get your new car, SIXT can provide you with a vehicle of the same category, with the same monthly fee of your SIXT Leasing contract.

Where can I find the general terms and conditions?

You may find the terms and conditions here.