06 Oct 2023

The smart choice is SIXT Plus

Short-term car rental, also known as "SIXT Plus," refers to the practice of renting a car for a brief period, typically for days to a few weeks. This form of car rental offers numerous advantages:


  1. Flexibility: Various vehicle options are provided, including small cars, large SUVs, luxury cars, and even trucks, which can be rented according to your needs.


    Travel: Short-term car rental is ideal for travel, whether for visits to unfamiliar cities or exploring new places. You can choose a car that suits the requirements of your trip.


    Avoiding Commitments: It allows you to avoid long-term commitments that often accompany car purchases or long-term leases.


    Replacement: In case your personal car is under repair or out of service for any reason, short-term car rental can be an excellent solution to meet your transportation needs.


    Business Travel: For professionals who need to travel frequently, it provides flexibility and time savings, as you don't need to worry about the maintenance and safety of your personal car.


    Before renting a car short-term, it's essential to research options, compare prices, and check the terms and policies of each company to select the best solution for your needs. However, with SIXT, you have nothing to worry about as you are offered the opportunity for short-term rental without hidden terms and at competitive prices. Choose SIXT Plus and stay relaxed!