Flexible Leasing
17 Jan 2024

SIXT+: Quality, Flexibility and Economy

The SIXT+ service is an innovative way of renting cars, offering modern and quality vehicles at privileged prices. The monthly SIXT+ rental service is the most popular choice, thanks to the flexibility and benefits it offers. At SIXT, we provide high-quality services and take into account the needs of our customers, attracting both professionals and individuals.


By choosing the SIXT+ service, you enjoy benefits and privileges such as:


1. 0€ Registration Cost.


With the SIXT+ service, you can drive the car you want without any prepayment and subscription costs, and with no commitment. You simply choose the date you want it and receive it immediately! The only thing you will need to pay to enjoy the SIXT+ service is the deposit. The deposit amount is held on your credit card and is returned upon delivery of the vehicle in its original condition. This way, the protection of both parties is ensured.


2. A Wide Variety of Vehicles


With SIXT+, you can drive exactly the model of car you choose, as our fleet is known for its wide range of vehicles available (city, SUV, electric, luxury, vans) for all transportation needs. In this way, we ensure that every customer can immediately find the ideal car that fits their needs, whether it's for their daily commute or a special occasion.


With SIXT's monthly car rental service SIXT+, we offer a balanced solution between quality, flexibility, and economic efficiency. The high-quality experience we offer through SIXT+ aims to meet the needs of the modern consumer, offering maximum comfort and safety.


All you have to do is choose SIXT and enjoy the unique experience of truly flexible SIXT+ rental.