Rent a Van
24 May 2023

Rent a Van

Many customers trust SIXT and its commercial vehicle rental service, called Rent a Van. Below you will find some of the key benefits you can enjoy when renting a van. You can discover even more by clicking here or by calling 211 95 50000.


Renting a van offers several advantages, including:


Flexibility: Renting a van allows you to have temporary access to a larger vehicle without the long-term commitment of owning one. You can rent a van for a specific duration, whether it's for only a few hours, a day, a week, or even longer, depending on your needs.


Extra Space: There is, usually, more cargo space in van vehicles than regular vehicles. This makes them ideal for transferring bigger items or significant amount of luggage. Whether you're moving out, or transferring equipment for an event, a van can provide you with the necessary space.


Convenience: Renting a van can be convenient, especially when you need to transport multiple items. It eliminates the need to coordinate multiple vehicles or make multiple trips. Everything can be accommodated in a single vehicle, saving time and effort.


Testing different models: Renting a van allows you to test different models and sizes before making the final decision (in case you’re interested in purchasing one in the future). It gives you the opportunity to experience different features, drive different brands, and determine which van suits your needs best.


No maintenance costs: When renting a van, you don't need to worry about maintenance and repair costs. The rental company is responsible for keeping the vehicle in excellent condition, ensuring that it is safe and reliable.


Plenty of options: Rental companies typically offer a wide range of van models and sizes to choose from. You can select a van that suits your specific requirements, easily and quickly.


Before proceeding with a rental, remember to compare the prices, read the terms and conditions, and consider any additional fees or insurance options. At SIXT, we offer a wide range of vehicles, as well as favorable pricing policies. Make your reservation easily and quickly with a single click here.