Van from SIXT
19 Jan 2024

Lease your Van from SIXT Greece

In the modern, dynamic world of business, flexibility and efficiency are keys to success. At SIXT Greece, we offer a range of advantages in van rental that combine quality, comfort, and practicality, making it an ideal choice for professionals and companies.


Flexibility in Transportation Needs: We offer an extensive range of vans in various sizes and capacities, allowing customers to choose the ideal vehicle that precisely meets their needs, whether for small transports or large shipments.


Cutting-Edge Technology and Comfort: SIXT vans are equipped with the latest technology, offering high levels of comfort and safety. Renters can enjoy journeys with less fatigue and increased safety, which is particularly important for long drives.


Cost-Effective Application: Renting a van allows businesses to avoid the cost of purchasing and maintaining their own vehicle. This means lower initial capital costs and simplified vehicle management, as we take care of maintenance and repairs.


Customized Leasing Solutions: We offer flexible leasing programs, allowing customers to tailor the rental contract to their needs, from the duration of the lease.


Immediate Availability: The vans are ready for delivery, offering an immediate solution for those who need a vehicle quickly, without the wait usually associated with purchasing a new vehicle.


Easy and Quick Rental Process: The rental process through SIXT is streamlined and user-friendly.


0€ DOWN PAYMENT FOR FLEXIBLE LEASING, SIXT PLUS: At SIXT, choose your van for 1 to 12 months with no down payment! Just your monthly rent. It's that easy!


Check our available vans here :

Renault Express

Opel Vivaro

Opel Combo Cargo

Ford Transit Courier

Ford Transit Connect